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AMM review of Roots of Steel

DEBORAH RUDACILLE’S ROOTS OF STEEL CHRONICLES THE DECLINE . . . OF SPARROWS POINT, OF BETHLEHEM STEEL AND OF AMERICAN MANUFACTURING …at its best, Roots of Steel isn’t political or preaching—instead, it lets the Sparrows Point steelworkers tell their own […]


CityPaper: Steel World

Deborah Rudacille looks at what Baltimore’s steelworks built — and left behind. by Michael Byrne. Think of Maryland’s 1950s and ’60s steel industry boom as a war: Deaths, injuries, sickness, wanton destruction, unlikely alliances, self-perpetuation, people getting rich–and nobody really […]


Baltimore Sun

Masculine and feminine roles don’t seem so fixed anymore, as author Deborah Rudacille finds in her study of the world of transgendered people. February 09, 2005|By Abigail Tucker | Abigail Tucker Identity is infinitely flexible, but the English language is […]


Baltimore Brew

by FERN SHEN The images in Deborah Rudacille’s new book on Baltimore’s Sparrows Point steel mill will stay with you. There was “metal pouring like lava through a trough,” one worker told her, recalling how “cinder snappers” straddled the troughs […]


The Marc Steiner Show

sparrowspoint Soon after ROOTS OF STEEL was published a group of retired steelworkers and I talked with Marc about the history and legacy of Sparrows Point.

NEJM Review: The Riddle of Gender

How do nature and nurture interact to produce a persistent awareness of one’s identity as male or as female — that is, one’s “gender identity,” as this term is now used in the official diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association? How does understanding the psychology of transgendered people — those who fall between the polarities of being male and being female — illuminate gender psychology? Organized as verbatim interviews with commentary, The Riddle of Gender grapples with these questions in a stimulating way.

WYPR Maryland Morning with Sheila Kast