Holy Heretics

I spent 16 years in Catholic schools -- elementary/middle, high school, college--
left the Church for 20 years and then returned @ 5 years ago because, for better
or worse, it is my spiritual home. So much fun to report this piece about Roman Catholic
women priests and their supporters!


Dundalk Ave union halls to close; USW to help fund retiree gatherings

My new piece in the Baltimore City Paper focuses on the concerns of Sparrows Point retirees
that once the Dundalk Ave union halls are closed, their last link with the Point is gone. The
United Steelworkers has offered to help fund their meetings when the halls are sold.


PBGC sues Renco for unfunded pension $

Before declaring bankruptcy last year, the Point's final owner - RENCO - sold off 24.5% of its ownership stake, in order to avoid having to pay pensions of the plant's 1300+ workers. Now, the federally-backed Pension Benefit Guaranty Board - which would have to pick up the tab - is suing them for $97 million. Good on them. I hope they win and make those #%^@! pay.